Recommended Websites

There are probably as many websites on finance as they are on sex.  So here is a short list of recommendations. (And I am always eager to hear about new ones !)

The (nearly) definitive list of English-language finance sites compiled by the Ohio State University :

A comprehensive dictionary and guide to all financial terms and concepts sponsored by the Qatar Financial Center Authority :

For academic working papers, the ultimate repository is :

The site of the American Finance Association (including articles of the Journal of Finance) :

I can’t recommend highly enough to all students the Vernimmen site by Pascal Quiry and Yann le Fur of HEC Paris and namely its monthly topical newsletter :

On valuation, Prof. Aswath Damodaran of New York University remains the reference :

On quantitative finance and financial mathematics, a lot of resources are at :

Blogs by fellow professors on close topics : on banking intermediation by Nathalie Gardès of Université de Pau a very active blog on investment banking and market operations by Patrick Soulard of Université Paris-Dauphine strong on behavioural finance by James Mahard jr. of St Bonaventure University on corporate governance by Jean-Florent Rérolle of Sciences-Po Paris on IPO’s by Jay Ritter of University of Florida

Blogs on financial news and markets : : the highly regarded blog of the Financial Times with RSS feed to this site : on US transactions and market rumours by the NY Times

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